Back from Munich

We are back and inspired by a great trip with our friends from Oticon to Munich. I would like to thank everybody who visited us at the Oticon workshop. We really learned a lot by sitting down and demonstrating our simulator, and a lot of usefull ideas came up. And of course some bugs where found, but i will give it some seriuos work the next couple of days and have an open beta version ready before my vacation!!

CI 2014 Munich

Most of the VES team are going to the CI 2014 conference in Munich next week. Both to present at the conference,but we will also be present in the Oticon Booth for a live workshop.


So if you want to try out VES2 with some fresh developed stuff, please come and visit us. We will also have a few usb drives with VES2 open beta for the interested.

Hope to see you there!



VES 2, beta 1.0 is ready!

Finally after a long haul, we are happy to announce that VES2 beta is ready for public testing. So please help us continue making the Visible Ear Simulator as good as possible. If you have an new graphics card and a little spare time, then you can help us a lot, by trying the beta version on you computer and reporting if there is something not working properly.


A small animation of the enhanced visuals in VES 2.0










To gain access to the VES2 Beta 1.0, please write me and i will send you the download link.

Basic Usage of VES2 should be a lot easier, because there are now some basic tutorials on how to navigate the surgical data and use the different features. We are still very much in the process of developing, and this Beta version is not by any means finished. However, it is our hope that the software can be a platform for a lot of experiments, anatomy studies and enhanced surgical training in the future.

All the best from the VES team

Open Beta

We are happy to announce that we soon will have an open beta test of VES2 ready.

VES2betaSo if your are interested in helping the VES2 project please stay tuned for more info or contact us. There will be special credits to all VES2 open beta users!


When its done

Some of you might have noticed that we have been promising VES2 for quite a while. We are still working around the clock to make it ready, and we are making progress. But we want to have a pretty good quality simulator when it is Beta released. This is the famous second album syndrom, where people are quite happy with the first simulator and things have changed a bit VES2. So the initial reaction has been why is it not like the VES1 :-)


Navigation in VES2










VES2 Beta

Dear everybody

Times up and the development of Ves2 has taken a long time. There where many things we wanted to do right and a lot of experimentation has been done. But we are soon ready to go into beta with VES2.


Osseo 2013 talk

We have been accepted to give a talk at the Ossoe conference

During the conference it will be possible to come and try VES 2.0 and meets us at the Oticon both.

There has also been written a nice article by Science Nordic about our project, and here is a link to the English version.

High res stereo

We are working on a high end version, in double resolution this image show the level of detail that you will be able to drill. And please put on your 3d glasses :-)


Chinese Version Ready

The Chinese version of the visible ear simulator is now ready for download. And we are working on other translations as well.

VES Chinese version

Again thanks to Dr. Xiaowen Huang, Tongji Hospital, Wuhan, China, for his translation of the user interface. We sincerely hope that this translation of the simulator will help the surgical training in China.

Again do not hesitate to write us if you encounter problems with the simulator or if you have any suggestions on how to make it better.